Meteorological Observing Systems

Met Obs Systems Group LogoThe Meteorological Observing Systems (MetObs) SIG provides the focal point within the Royal Meteorological Society for matters related to meteorological measurements at the surface and in the lower atmosphere.

The Objectives of the Meteorological Observing Systems Group are as follows :

  • The observational techniques and methods used to obtain reliable meteorological measurements, whether traditional manual procedures, automated systems or the application of remote sensing tools.
  • Consideration of instruments and instrument types, and by implication the methods and technologies involved in instrumental data capture, storage and communication methods, and the metadata needed to accompany them, together with relevant performance measures and the importance of uncertainty and traceability, relating to both existing and new measurement methods.  
  • Awareness of the importance of standards in making meteorological measurements, and liaison with the relevant standards committees, including the World Meteorological Organization, British Standards Institute, National Physical Laboratory and similar bodies.
  • Provisionally, a delegated subcommittee with specific Terms of Reference to provide independent collaborative review and overview of a notable or extreme weather events within the British Isles, with a particular focus on analysis, documentation and publication of said events, including examination of instrumental performance and measurement reliability in extreme conditions; and
  • Liaison within other RMetS SIGs and relevant bodies within the wider meteorological community on matters of mutual interest and benefit.

In doing so, the SIG seeks to encourage the highest standards of meteorological observation techniques and measurements within the meteorological community, with particular emphasis within the United Kingdom.


The MetObs SIG organises meetings open to a broad and inclusive audience, typically once or twice per year. Themes and topics are relevant to the aims and objectives of the group and its membership, together with an Annual General Meeting (held online). Some MetObs SIG meetings become main Society meetings. Membership suggestions for the topics of future meetings, or venues for possible group visits, are always welcome, and details of current and recent SIG meetings are available on the Society’s main website under the Meteorological Observing Systems (MetObs) SIG heading.


The SIG’s committee consists of members representing meteorological measurement communities within the United Kingdom, including those representing instrument manufacturers, university academic and other research bodies and institutes, and user groups including the UK Met Office. The committee normally meets three times per year, in-person or by video conferencing (location is not a barrier to committee membership). Travel expenses to attend committee meetings are available.

 A list of current committee members is available on the Society’s website, and is published in each edition of the SIG newsletter.  New committee members are always welcome!


Membership of the MetObs SIG is open to anyone with an interest in meteorological measurements, whether professional, academic, or 'amateur interest' in nature, particularly (but not limited to) the following fields:

  • Meteorology, including university teaching at undergraduate or postgraduate levels
  • Meteorological instrument networks and management
  • Meteorological instrument development, performance, manufacture and standards
  • Climatology, including examination of instrumental performance within extreme climate events
  • Hydrology
  • Remote Sensing
  • Civil & Environment Engineering

SIG members are usually members or Fellows within the wider Royal Meteorological Society, although Society membership is not mandatory to become a SIG member.

Members receive a SIG newsletter twice yearly, and are entitled to priority booking at the SIG’s meetings.

Membership is by means of a small annual subscription, details of which can be obtained from the SIG Treasurer upon request; please download then complete the details in the membership application form or renewal form (links below), then send to the SIG Treasurer as below: 

Mike Brettle (Treasurer and Membership Secretary)
94 Countrymans Way
LE12 9RB