Youth and Early Career Special Interest Group

Royal Meteorological Society Student and Early Careers Conference
Youth and Early Careers Conference 2023


Our Purpose

The Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to sustain, encourage, and progress the Society's engagement with and provisions for youth and early careers, as well as championing them in the Society's activities. Our focus spans Society content and activities relevant to youth (16-24 years old) and early careers (up to 10 years since starting an undergraduate degree or equivalent).

Our aims are to:

  • Develop content and activities to address the needs of youth and early careers working in weather and climate
  • Work with the Society committees to provide strategic direction and feedback on activities
  • Ensure that the needs of the youth and early careers are served well.

You can read more about our purpose and plans in the July 2023 Weather article: ‘Spotlight on the Youth and Early Career Special Interest Group’.


Who Are We?

Members of this SIG span a range of career stages, including representation of early careers from industry and academia to undergraduates to school-aged (youth) members. At present, the group is comprised of the following members, and co-chaired by Hannah Mallinson and Beth Woodhams:

Hannah Mallinson (co-Chair)RMetS Science Engagement Manager
Regan Mudhar (co-Chair)RMetS and University of Exeter
Ayesha TandonCarbon Brief
Bernadette McCaffreyWeatherQuest
Dr Chloe BrimicombeUniversity of Graz
Dr Daniel SkinnerClimatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia
Euan McNaughtonMoodys RMS
Dr Fran MorrisUniversity of Oxford
Dr Frederick Otu-LarbiUniversity of Lancaster
Florence Shannon-VinesUniversity of East Anglia
Hannah FindleyMet Office
Kanzis MattuUniversity of Strathclyde
Kit Marie RackleyUniversity of East Anglia Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research
Laura ByrneUniversity of Exeter
Dr Matthew PriestleyRMetS and University of Exeter
Matthew WrightRMetS and University of Oxford
Ned WilliamsUniversity of Exeter
Dr Simon ClarkFreelance video producer
Dr Simon LeeColumbia University
Dr Tim BanyardUniversity of Manchester


What Have We Done?

In 2023, we rebranded our Early Career and Student Conference to ensure we are more inclusive of those who are not in education and reinvigorated our Student Ambassador scheme. In 2024, we set a new Society-wide definition of what it means to be “early career” based on feedback from those in academia and industry, and participated in some exciting initiatives to uplift youth and early career voices, including…
⦁    Launching Diverse Voices (Intro to the Series, Academics of Colour, Experiences of the Met Office recordings)
⦁    Speaking on the Geography & Coffee Podcast (Ayesha, Regan, Kanzis)
⦁    Member training videos for communicating science, written and filmed by SIG members!

What Are We Doing?

As of Summer 2024, we are preparing for this year’s Early Career and Student Conference, at which we will have the in-person launch of the Early Careers of Colour Network. We will also see a new Careers in Climate booklet released in time for the conference, with plans to reinvigorate RMetS’ Careers webpages over the next year.


What Will We Do?

We are planning a webinar in October for those considering a PhD, and are interested in running similar information sessions to support youth and early careers in future. If you would like to collaborate, or just keep up to date with what this SIG is up to, please email