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Formed in 1983 and currently with 80 members, the Special Interest Group for the History of Meteorology and Physical Oceanography (colloquially known as the History Group) encourages the study of the history and heritage of meteorology and physical oceanography.

The History Group provides a forum for discussion of all aspects of the history of meteorology and physical oceanography, co-operates with similar organisations and publishes a regular newsletter for all members.

Throughout the year the group arranges meetings (half or full day face-to-face meetings and evening virtual meetings).

In addition to these activities, the Group:

For more information on the History Group, please see the Spotlight on the RMetS History Group, published in Weather. You might also like to explore the history of the Society and its classic meteorological papers.

In 2023, the History Group highlighted over 60 papers of significance to be represented in a digital timeline celebrating 150 years since the first issue of the Quarterly Journal.


Steering Committee (with areas of responsibility or expertise)

Vladimir Janković (Chairman)
Julian Mayes (Secretary and Newsletter Editor)
Howard Oliver (Editor: Occasional Papers)
Chris Folland (climate change and variability, seasonal forecasting)
John Gould (physical oceanography, oceans and climate)
Richard Griffith (surface observations, climate observations)
Norman Lynagh  
Sarah Pankiewicz (representing the National Meteorological Library and Archive)
Catherine Ross (representing the National Meteorological Library and Archive)  
Peter Rowntree  
Andrew Russ-Turner  


Membership and Enquiries

Membership is free of charge (to RMetS members) and new members are welcome. Enquiries can be made to history@rmets.org.

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